October 8th

Our schedule is live! We're super excited for you to hear from our amazing speakers!

8:00 am
Breakfast & Registration
9:00 am
Opening Remarks by Reason Conf Team
9:15 am
Jordan WalkeReact, Reason & the Next Frontier
9:50 am
Ben AndersonInvesting in Testing (with Reason)
10:25 am
Youxi LiThe Cyborg Future: Melding a Rust/Wasm Core with a ReasonReact UI
11:00 am
Morning Break
11:30 am
Bryan PhelpsMaking Windows Development Reasonable
12:05 pm
Sean GroveBuilding ⚡️ GraphQL Servers with OneGraph
12:40 pm
2:05 pm
Ken WheelerProcessing Audio using DSP in Reason
2:40 pm
Ricky VetterWhy React is just better in Reason ☺️
3:15 pm
Afternoon Break
3:45 pm
Paul BiggarDark Lang and Tablecloth powered by Reason
4:20 pm
Raphael RafatpanahStyling your CSS with Reason
4:55 pm
Hongbo ZhangBuilding a High Performance JavaScript Compiler
5:30 pm
António N. MonteiroInfinitely Scalable Native Reason Apps on AWS Lambda & Zeit Now
6:00 pm
Closing Remarks by Reason Conf Team
6:30 pm
Evening After Party